Thursday, 29 January 2009

Despite my best efforts to keep this updated regularly I've cxompletley neglected it again. Bah.
I do have a new job so can spend less time pondering the existance of nothing, so I'll blame that. Plus winter has kept things pretty quiet. Been skating Newport a lot, Ideal ramp again and hoping to get in the sea this weekend but winds and a bit of weekend funk may conspire against me.

Thinking of getting back here is keeping me going though....

Ploughing through a few book on the train journey in aswell. Just finished off Alex Wade's Surfnation, which is worth a look, and just getting into the Eddie Aikau biography "Eddie Would Go". Any one got any other recommendations?

Friday, 16 January 2009

Weekender part duo. Skate day at the new(ish) Ideal miniramp in Brumingham. Check this months Sidewalk for a low down on the shop and the ramp and a rad snap of the sweaty vicar hisself Joxa. Super rad session, cheers to Chris from the shop for letting us have a shred on a wet and horrible day. We might well be back this weekend...

Tis indeed an ideal ramp...

Crew shot

From the rave to the grave. One of the WWM finest AJ thrusts himself backwards with hidden stalefish.
(click for biggun)

If you need help finding it just look for the rad French artwork outside.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Went for my first run in about 10yrs last night with Peek. Felt strangely good.

I do have muggers daps mind.


Monday, 12 January 2009

Part 1 of a two part rad weekender.

Took the new mobile and wifey to Putsborough on saturday, and hooked up with Jim and pretty much all of Devon/Bristol/London in the sea. Fun 3-4ft waves, not overly cold and the first time I've ever worn a full head twatcap. Crowded but we got a few nice un's between us. The singlefin went well but I'm holding out for a smaller fin to get it really cranking.

Knackered after a short paddle out tho! Peek got me some joggers and daps so I'd better get out running!

We hit up this fun left, few rights too. Super crowded for january aswell.

Gearing up for getting cold #2.

It got good.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Slacking again on posts. No skating, no nothing for a while now, blame the festive funk! All shaping up for a nice weekend as I should get in for a wave, then out for a skate. I'll take the camera.

For now lets all get jealous at Whip who has been getting this for about a week...

H-Bay 3rd Jan. See if you can spot James Bond.