Monday, 30 March 2009

Travelled north with Peek to the Lakes for the first time in a while. Hill climbing, tarn walking, tree snapping fun. Oh and I got to skate with the Barrowvians (and Frocker) two days in a row. And indulge in a stupid amount of local ales, Booths supermarket is the holey grail of ale based fun if you ask me. Plus they sell Tyrells crisps, heaven.

2 from Yew Tree Tarn near Conniston.



Squashside fuckin rules, jank for life. Melon BSSmith and Smell tatthandstickle both back in through the lumps.

Farkin Frocker frockin it proper. Serious (non)transtion, Ba:la:ck:pool

Going only where Jesus has been before, Melon smith deep t'shallow.

The worst smelling spot I've ever been too, Zoro smiths the stinkblock under the M55.

Sinkbird over and out. We're done.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Bargain basement rummage turned up a few old Deaner snaps. I've dug the camera out that I took these with so brace yerself for more...

Hanging em high. Loookat them fresh faces.

The Two Plews. Dangerdanger. Ghetto fisheye on the second.
That deck of Daves went up the treener, it lasted all of a night...

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Well firstly apologies for the dely in this here post, I've been wrapping my head around getting my scanner to work properly, waiting for films to come back and actually going for a skate. I did take pics of our epic trip to Tolworth bowl (Aka The Cockpocket) and Crawley last saturday, but also managed to snap the film in me camera, bollocks. Rad day out nonetheless.

Anyways I got back some banging B&W shots of Whips visit and a day out skating them mean streets of Brissol. So here they are, enjoy and I hope the scans aren't too shitty.

(Shot with me AGFA on some fancy Ilworth B&W film, rad. Not quite sure why they are different shades of B&W but I'm feeling it...Oh and I either ordered the wrong size prints or Truprint wen fuckin mental and cropped them all funny, if anyone knows where I can get copies from the negatives let I know.)

Some swarthy looking fellas....

New baby dad nodding off mid session...

Sweary sausages fingers and Jimmywheels.

Jesus loves to jump down steps of a sunday.

Frontal boards.....

...and backal boards.

Apres session warm down, gotta take on them liquids if you wanna go pro...

PS. Click to embiggen em all..