Monday, 30 March 2009

Travelled north with Peek to the Lakes for the first time in a while. Hill climbing, tarn walking, tree snapping fun. Oh and I got to skate with the Barrowvians (and Frocker) two days in a row. And indulge in a stupid amount of local ales, Booths supermarket is the holey grail of ale based fun if you ask me. Plus they sell Tyrells crisps, heaven.

2 from Yew Tree Tarn near Conniston.



Squashside fuckin rules, jank for life. Melon BSSmith and Smell tatthandstickle both back in through the lumps.

Farkin Frocker frockin it proper. Serious (non)transtion, Ba:la:ck:pool

Going only where Jesus has been before, Melon smith deep t'shallow.

The worst smelling spot I've ever been too, Zoro smiths the stinkblock under the M55.

Sinkbird over and out. We're done.


Steven said...

Siggudy Sick. I miss squashside.

Scumtash said...

And I miss you Steven.

Anonymous said...

Agh! And there I was lurking on your scumstash blog looking out for photos - Zoro's smith is sick! I wish you'd got a shot of Smell's no handed/no footed f/s air - amazing.

I ought to get a blog. No one kicks it on livejournal anymore.

Scumtash said...


I have that snap on me cam, I'll get it sorted....

Livejournal? Ha.

Anonymous said...

Indeedy. I am multi-blog compatable.

Sick, would love to see that. Shame Ant couldn't come down.

Are you seeing Joxa this weekend? He's getting his artfag down in Brizza I think,..

Stevie Ritalin said...