Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Something to put up at last - New board, Peek's new lenses and her portrait lights. I've got a day off work cos of the snow so here you go. Hoping to get in againthis weekend after last weekends quick log with Whip. We'll see.....

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

2 blog posts in 1 day? Have that.

This one needs to go up though - got some snaps from Rob at Royal of my board mid shaping. Looks sick, I'm getting proper stoked and after my first swim last night the shoulder seems to be healing up proper! Hooray.
How to do an Angry Dance. By Dave "The" Bass. Aged 40-something and a half. Bless.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

It's all a social blur this week. Film premieres, art gallery openings, connect 4 name it, I went to it and drank beer.

Few shots from Habgoods "Scary mask" themed Creature Premiere for Hesh Law. It's sick but STAY AWAY FROM THE BLOOD SHED. Cheers Josef.

Easily the most technically advanced cybertronic mask there. Good work Jim.

Davey zip face.

I answered the door in this get up, the geeky dude selling gas didn't even bat an eyelid.

Your host for the night...

Dead crew.

Slightly more refined was the Leo Sharp 15 year photo retrospective at the 50-50 gallery. This is there for a while and you need to check it out, amazing stuff. Good night out again too aside from getting stranded in Bristol (Cheers Dave for the bed!).

The Captain turned up in his best jacket and had a good time.

Bench crew.

Rick was either over excited or drunk off one bottle. Or both. He calmed down for his moody potrait though.

Nords came along with his wonky knee/leg. Heal up champ.

Born liggers. Glass and Joel.

Serious art fagage.

Theo Hatstyles

Hard to tell but Sam was really stoked. Connect 4 champion, free beer and a gander at the amazing photos. Cheer up Jesus!

Shit In A Bag And Punch It.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Apologies for the inactivity on here, having a bum shoulder gets me down and I haven't really done anything of much worth recently.

Well thats kinda a lie - I've just finished editing a load of old and (slightly) newer skate footage I've had kickng around. The end result - a 17 minute 4 song montage of skateboarding you wouldn't pay to see but probably wish you coulda joined in with. Good times. If you want a copy let me know.

I also popped along to the Drift magazine do at the Howies store in Clifton, mainly to see the fella behind Royal Surfboards, Rob Lion. And a nice chap he is too. So much so I've ordered my first custom board in about 10 yrs - a 6'1" HP fish. It's getting shaped as I type. So stoked on that. (I've also bought Whip's old Log. I've officially got a proper quiver now).

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Some more B&W wot I forgot about and that you've possibly already seen.

The Gaffer, new trick #4.

Rickee and Regee

Dave loves Hengrove.

Spex steez. Smith at Filton.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009



Some more holiday snaps this time ME surfing. Badly. Kindly taken by Peek who patiently sat through lulls and my rubbish paddling. Then got bored quickly, wandered off and missed all the best waves I got. Honest.

Hehehe Cheers tho wifey!

First wave of the trip and its a right! Torrey Pines. So nice to get in that clear blue warm water.

Bunch of snaps from the day I had to hire a horrible big log. See Jim - I can do it! The board was a pig though and covered in deck grip. Almost too hot for a wetsuit so I rolled the top half down and filled up with water for a few hours!

Shot from Crystal Pier when things started to pick up. Looks crowded but it was just us 3 in the pic on the peak.

2 from the tiddly day at Del Mar. The top one was probably the biggest set of the day. We did go to a rad hippy cafe for lunch after this.

Seaside Reef near Cardiff. Swell had just kicked in along with some onshore winds. Wierd break - had to wait for a peak to break on the outside reef then catch it as it started to reform on the inside for some walled up fun!

Monday, 26 October 2009

Continually Updated Bob wrecking himself thread?

Yes - not content with the swine flu last week I decided a more drastic course of action was needed. So I've mashed my shoulder, good n proper. Salisbury Jr cockpocket carve grind to stop to swallow dive to torn ligaments and shoulder "going out and coming back in again". Hey ho. Happarently on the torn ligament scale of 1 - 3 I'm about a 2.7.

Fracture clinic friday, should learn more then. Maybe I'll finally get round to doing some "other" stuff....

Cheers to Muttley for being rad and getting me home in the cushty Quashqai, 'pologies to Dark Helmet for stopping the shred sesh so quickly.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Here's the first installment of what should be a few things from SD. These are the surf pics I took on the digi cam, I still have some film to get through so that'll be a while. Most of these are from our last day and the big swell that rolled in. I was feeling swiney so we took ourselves off to the La Jolla reefs for a quick wander, some sick waves up there.

La Jolla Skimmer

Holiday board - 6'2" Quad Fish.

Pacific Beach turn, on the tuesday I think...

Two turns from one La Jolla reef.

La Jolla slab near the Seal Beach. This thing was really sucking dry!(And yes I know it's a sponger)

A short walk away a few fellas were giving this left slab a looksee.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

"I went to San Diego and all I got was this lousy t-shirt case of swine flu".