Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Apologies for the inactivity on here, having a bum shoulder gets me down and I haven't really done anything of much worth recently.

Well thats kinda a lie - I've just finished editing a load of old and (slightly) newer skate footage I've had kickng around. The end result - a 17 minute 4 song montage of skateboarding you wouldn't pay to see but probably wish you coulda joined in with. Good times. If you want a copy let me know.

I also popped along to the Drift magazine do at the Howies store in Clifton, mainly to see the fella behind Royal Surfboards, Rob Lion. And a nice chap he is too. So much so I've ordered my first custom board in about 10 yrs - a 6'1" HP fish. It's getting shaped as I type. So stoked on that. (I've also bought Whip's old Log. I've officially got a proper quiver now).


whip said...

more pictures! dammit..

Scumtash said...

Aaah shaddup yer face..

crenimugil-labrosus said...

Save me some cake from the fillum premiere...
Hook I up with a copy.
Oh and what whip said too.

Pig Dog said...


1 heal shoulder
2 practice wheelies
3 book ticket for next HELL TOUR!

Scumtash said...

A. there was no cake.

2. Shoulder wobbles still boo.

iii. Wheres the Hell Tour going this time PigDig?