Saturday, 28 November 2009

It's all a social blur this week. Film premieres, art gallery openings, connect 4 name it, I went to it and drank beer.

Few shots from Habgoods "Scary mask" themed Creature Premiere for Hesh Law. It's sick but STAY AWAY FROM THE BLOOD SHED. Cheers Josef.

Easily the most technically advanced cybertronic mask there. Good work Jim.

Davey zip face.

I answered the door in this get up, the geeky dude selling gas didn't even bat an eyelid.

Your host for the night...

Dead crew.

Slightly more refined was the Leo Sharp 15 year photo retrospective at the 50-50 gallery. This is there for a while and you need to check it out, amazing stuff. Good night out again too aside from getting stranded in Bristol (Cheers Dave for the bed!).

The Captain turned up in his best jacket and had a good time.

Bench crew.

Rick was either over excited or drunk off one bottle. Or both. He calmed down for his moody potrait though.

Nords came along with his wonky knee/leg. Heal up champ.

Born liggers. Glass and Joel.

Serious art fagage.

Theo Hatstyles

Hard to tell but Sam was really stoked. Connect 4 champion, free beer and a gander at the amazing photos. Cheer up Jesus!

Shit In A Bag And Punch It.

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goonicycle said...

That tattoo is fucking brilliant!
I don't lived in me 'ouse anymore dude, i'm homeless. This vagrancy is pretty fancy these days, it's got internet!
I'm on the road until further notice. Probably end up in London, i'll let you know when that happens and we'll do some shreddin.