Wednesday, 4 November 2009



Some more holiday snaps this time ME surfing. Badly. Kindly taken by Peek who patiently sat through lulls and my rubbish paddling. Then got bored quickly, wandered off and missed all the best waves I got. Honest.

Hehehe Cheers tho wifey!

First wave of the trip and its a right! Torrey Pines. So nice to get in that clear blue warm water.

Bunch of snaps from the day I had to hire a horrible big log. See Jim - I can do it! The board was a pig though and covered in deck grip. Almost too hot for a wetsuit so I rolled the top half down and filled up with water for a few hours!

Shot from Crystal Pier when things started to pick up. Looks crowded but it was just us 3 in the pic on the peak.

2 from the tiddly day at Del Mar. The top one was probably the biggest set of the day. We did go to a rad hippy cafe for lunch after this.

Seaside Reef near Cardiff. Swell had just kicked in along with some onshore winds. Wierd break - had to wait for a peak to break on the outside reef then catch it as it started to reform on the inside for some walled up fun!


Mark said...

Yeah Bob! Some proper watery shreadtimes.

goonicycle said...

This is all lovely but you should send me your address and whatnot for sending you junk and possibly some whatnot along with it. send it here.