Thursday, 26 February 2009

My scanner sucks but has lent some sort of arty squigglyness to my first batch of snaps. The one of The Mighty Prince Rust-a-far-eye was taken with the Minolta snapper, the rest with the agfa during my wander round the ruins of Coney Beach.

Whips stuck up his bewt poloraiders (and extra squiggles) too. Sickness.

Now all we're waiting for are Jims but he's likely to be a little busy this weekend, good luck Jimmywheels, Clare and t'bump!

Monday, 23 February 2009

Had a houseguest for the weekend, Mr Pikerust aka Triplecrowner aka The Whipster (Huh). Here we are enjoying a sample of his DAMN fine homebrew after a killer weekend of surfpaddling and plankrollerboarding.

Check out the piker blog for what promises to be a collection of fine and arty poloroiders and supersampled snapshots.

Friday, 20 February 2009

If you see the man behind this website then please, please, please give him a hug. Thank you..

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Pretty janky surf yesterday. Ended up at Coney and really should have waited for the tide to drop at Rest. Win some, lose some. Coney fooled me by looking alright when I got there.

Pics snaffled from Porthcawl Surf.

I also found some 35mm cams in a local charity shop rummage last week and have shot off 2 rolls with them, including a bunch from Coneys rusting eyesore of a fairground. I picked up a point n shoot Minolta and Agfa SLR thingy which I really need to get the hang of!

Expect some scans of the few shots that actually came out alright shortly....

And just to wrap up this megaupdate-o update I set up my new skate last night, choppychoppy grip job and pie love.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Kill Citys back and twatting about as good as ever. Get tuned into the Sunday Stooges for a weekly dose of proper skateboarding mucking about. Thissun features Ol Love/Hate bollocks himself Habgood and possibly the worst skatepark ever. I'm not joking.

sunday stooges episode 3, tarmac heaven >>

I'm not convinced on the emo music mind. Sort it out.

Monday, 2 February 2009

New fin = MORE FUN! Rad weekend this one. Picked up my new fin from True Ames on saturday then had a mammoth, outdoor, skate session with a big crew in Bristol. Sunday me and Peek hit up Croyde for some cold, heavily offshore windy 2ft fun waves. And the new fin worked a treat. Proper stoked on the session, but got the worst chin rub from my new hat/wetsuit (not sure).
Peek got a snap of the board with the new fin, finally looks in proportion, goes like stink. Yes!

Shamelessly pinched this pic from Eyeball (sorry!) but I didn't take any myself as it was fucking freezing. Getting changed, warm and going for a cuppa at Loose-fit seemed a much better idea at the time. I'm pretty sure I'm one of them fellas in that pic tho ;)