Saturday, 14 February 2009

Pretty janky surf yesterday. Ended up at Coney and really should have waited for the tide to drop at Rest. Win some, lose some. Coney fooled me by looking alright when I got there.

Pics snaffled from Porthcawl Surf.

I also found some 35mm cams in a local charity shop rummage last week and have shot off 2 rolls with them, including a bunch from Coneys rusting eyesore of a fairground. I picked up a point n shoot Minolta and Agfa SLR thingy which I really need to get the hang of!

Expect some scans of the few shots that actually came out alright shortly....

And just to wrap up this megaupdate-o update I set up my new skate last night, choppychoppy grip job and pie love.

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