Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Here's the first installment of what should be a few things from SD. These are the surf pics I took on the digi cam, I still have some film to get through so that'll be a while. Most of these are from our last day and the big swell that rolled in. I was feeling swiney so we took ourselves off to the La Jolla reefs for a quick wander, some sick waves up there.

La Jolla Skimmer

Holiday board - 6'2" Quad Fish.

Pacific Beach turn, on the tuesday I think...

Two turns from one La Jolla reef.

La Jolla slab near the Seal Beach. This thing was really sucking dry!(And yes I know it's a sponger)

A short walk away a few fellas were giving this left slab a looksee.

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