Tuesday, 28 October 2008

A driving force behind the creation of this blog was to document and make myself go surfing more. I’ve slacked off more and more over the last 10yrs with my surfing and something needed to be addressed.Yes - I do get pissed off at the crowds and the kooks, and this was a contributing factor in forcing me away from surfing, but am learning to come to terms with it. This summer allowed me a chance to get in more than once a week most weeks and it’s fair to say it returned a lot of the stoke I had from surfing.
Which has led me to purchase this puppy. After Whip got stoked on his, and I saw this bargain, I went and got into a lot of trouble with the Wife by buying it.
Let’s hope it rides well, I really need to get out again soon.

6'6" Seed Single fin shortboard. Pretty fat and wide, I keep thinking "mini-mal".

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