Thursday, 2 April 2009

Got a few more colour shots from the AGFA back recently, from a rather splendid day up at the new skootlepark in Filton. RADIO 2!

T'bowl. It's rad fun.

I'm gutted I cut Jesus's hand off in this snap of his grinder, mainly cos you can't see his stigmata now.

Muttley bemoans the fact that Wagon Wheels have gotten smaller while Wayne Rooney looks on with envious eyes...

"Just one more try".
Lets all hope Wes's missus is leniant with his time keeping. Back tailskidder for the kids and the geese.

When Jesus met Benner. Is it blasphamous for the Son of God to throw the horns?

Bonus Deaner shot. I call this "Frontside Chicken and Sausages".

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