Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Had a little trip to Barnstaple skate park on sunday as part of Pigdogs "Helltour" which as you'd expect from the name involved sacrifice, heshlaw and some sort of demonic summoning, and not ice creams eh boys?

We had a sick day tho, plenty of shredding and we even managed to get Dougal to pop up from the depths of Devon. Boys still got it even if he was skating in his slippers. I pinched Peek's posh cam and got a few sequences and random snappage. Tim Ward(amercy) once again got the killer shots here.


Mark said...

Oh God,..has Poulet got some scary paedo tache??

That park looks well good - fire hydrant!!

Pig Dog said...

Rad old day Bobinogs!

Like the arty fIREHYDRANT shot of Dave floating another wafty frontside ollie!

And Poulet was schralping again!