Monday, 14 September 2009

Now this blog has not been known for being particularly wordy but after scoping Rick's "official" webgeekeryjibberjabber blog I notice he tagged me in a "7 random/wierd things about me" meme, so as I'm still waiting for work to roll in I figure why not give it a go..

1. As a youth I was incredibly skinny, my weight wavered around the 9 stone mark and I would get worried about going out in a stiff breeze. This lasted until I was 25 when I woke up one morning to find I'd been eaten by a fat man. Many of my old Uni and school mates who haven't seen me since then are a bit freaked out now that I'm all man. Those who know me now don't believe me. It's helped my skating though I like to think.

2. I love rugby. Not many skaters/surfers will own up to a love of competitive sports but growing up in Wales it's in your blood (along with Brains SA and coaldust yeahyeah). I played for my school and Town teams up until I went to University where a combination of "other" distractions and English Public Schoolboy Initations put me right off. I still harbour a secret desire to strap on my boots and shove my head near sweaty men's arses.

3. If I answer hip-hop trivia questions correctly I score Hip-hop points and get to wear my hat in a slightly more "dope" fashion depending on the trickyness of the question.

4. To avoid crowds I tend to get up in the middle of the night to drive to the beach to go surfing. This leads to a number of toilet dilemmas as I usually need to drop the kids off when I arrive, but most public convenieces are shut at 5am. In turn I have done a number of "Dirty mum shits" in a variety of places including Fistral Beach, the path down to Croyde and a laybay on the outskirts of Woolacombe. None of these beat the one I did as a 12 year when I was over the other side of town and laid out a curlywurler slap bang in the middle of the tiled floor of a newly built kitchen in a new build house.

5. At 16/17 years old I competed in many Lifeguard competitions and became the 2nd best beach sprinter and 1K runner in Wales at the Welsh National Championship. This may have been aided by the wind, baggy shorts and my slight build (see No1 above).

6. I too got married in Vegas. Not so random now eh Ricky?

7. Under no circumstances should you feed me Jim Beam. It's not big, it's not clever, and it could well be the last thing you do. You really shouldn't give me a spudgun either.

Now there are rules for this so I need to link to 7 bloggers. I'm not sure I know 7 but here goes. - Jimbob extremeeee blog. He really should do this more but is understandbly busy. - As is his brother. For years I thought Jim was lying to me about Dave being his twin. As it turns out... - Total, utter and complete idiot. I farkin love him. All Hail Joxa. - Carrying on the creative skater thing Mr Smell has been banging out some top tatts and art for years now. One day I'll be allowed to let him doodle on me. - The Dark Lord of Hollyoaks Frocku. - Alec is a collector of wheels and silly skateboards and a damn fine fella to roll with. - The Gaffer. Catsitter and fixer of just about everything. I wouldn't want to go skating without him.

Now it's your turn...

1. Link your original tagger(s), and list these rules on your blog.
2. Share seven facts about yourself in the post — some random, some weird.
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whip said...

christ look at all these words and emotions, your more facebook than you think bob!

Corpsey The Gaffer said...

I wouldn't want to go skating without him

sniff, cough, think I got summat in my eye.

Scumtash said...