Wednesday, 19 August 2009

10 yrs deep and hopefully more. The DLH funday again went off. No bacon hassles this year, though they did swing by and say hello. Lots of beer, sunshine, more metal than normal and tiny helmets. Crazy Phil was back from the dead and constructed a smouldering ring o'fire for hoons to leap through. There was even a cake.

Heres to 10 more, cheers Dil and the Deaner!

How rad is this, checks n'all!

Trowbo in the house. WWM fo life!

Wonky angle snap of my layback by Jesus. 80's.

The hairy beast himself. Sam ollie piv for the fanclub.

The man and his creation. Burn it all.

30 second Nath through the hole into fire extinguisher attack.

Yeah it fell over. Yeah they set it back on fire. Not wanting to burn his tootsys. Sam - No comply.

The Saz and the Mabs.

Joe BS Disaster over Molyneuxs head. And yes this was a make!

Gaydad frontpiv before Jerome made him famous.

Jake Collins killed the new whippy. Front feebs.


sam said...

Totally far out and groovy pictures, yo! Somehow I managed to miss seeing the cake, who made it? Sorry again if I screwed up most of the layback photos, but the last one you did was great!

Mark said...

Agh! Happy birthday DL!

Rad photees, the layback is heckagnar.