Monday, 3 August 2009

Now that me and the wife are older and more responsible we get invited to civilised do's like Dougals BBQ in Modbury. In a rare opportunity to make a weekend of it we also got the chance to visit Shaldon Wildlife Trust where Peeker's adopted Slow Loris (Norris) lives. The Loris's (lori?) true to form were fast asleep but everything else was having lunch so we got to see all sorts of wee monkey/marsupial/hairy based creatures. It's a small place but all the animals seemed well cared for so if you en up near by go visit, theres a bunch of nice pubs down the hill too - bonus.

Dougs BBQ was a laugh with so much nice food the diet went right out the window (Low carb beers mind). And we got to stay in Doug's mighty campervan, gots to get me one - fairylight's n'all. Cheers for having us!

I even managed to squeeze in a quick surf with Rick on the way back, sunny mushy fun - "LOCALS ONLY"!!.

"Seemples". One for Janine!


Paddle Ricky paddle!
Align CentreEgg based floater.


themelon said...

how is it always sunny down your way?

Scumtash said...

It's just the glorious South(west) innit! Come down, try some of this sunshine stuff - you might like it.

Mark said...

Killing it in the last pic dude!

Kookaburras are ace. They always look well angry.